( wide open spaces )

Today I played pictures for me. Yep, just for moi. I almost never do that: just grab my camera and take shots for myself, for fun, to play around and tinker with settings and toy with lighting. Today I did. I took pictures at Meadow Brook Stables, run by Kaila Watters and Anna Briand. Kaila and Anna started out as clients a long time ago. They’re the best kind of clients- they love and respect my work and my craft. They always insist on paying me, even when I tell them it’s not necessary. They tell everyone about how wonderful I am. They take the time to make their horses look and act great. They are much, much more than clients now.

Taking pictures at Meadow Brook is never working. The horses have wide open spaces (just like the Dixie Chicks song, yes…catch the tune…) to make big mistakes, to be horses. They crowd the gate because they want to work (read: play). They are healthy, pudgy, respectful, enthusiastic, yet very calm and very polite members of society. It’s hard to get their ears up because they never look at me, they only pay attention to Anna and Kaila- The Top Ponies at this farm.

I shot wide open today- 2.8, at 11am on a super sunny day. I KNEW that the shots would be blown out like this, but I kinda like it. Something about these guys makes me say that about every shot I’ve ever taken of them.

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