( Dreams Tulum, part 3 )

Is it weird that I often picture my life as a movie?

(answer is- yes!)

I hear songs in my head and they become the soundtrack for particular moments and certain memories. When I think about the day that I shot Laura and Craig’s engagement pictures, my memories of my time spent with them are cut, set, and edited to this song playing quietly in the background: appropriate scenes slowed down, zoomed in, panned. (Right now, you should stop reading, and if you didn’t click that link to play that song, you should, it adds to the effect I’m going for here.) I remember sitting on the beach waiting for them, and someone saying “Oh, there they are!” and when I turned around, they were walking hand in hand, smiling at each other, Laura only letting go of Craig’s hand to get closer to him by holding his whole arm as she stared up at him in complete adoration. Ohhh, boy.

Listen to that song. “You wear white and I’ll wear out the words ‘I love you’ and ‘you’re beautiful’…” was the pact that Laura and Craig made without even knowing it. They shook on it a million times, beginning with her saying yes to his proposal and sealing it with the endless kisses that would follow.

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Megan Murphy - February 2, 2011 - 5:43 pm

Pictures are absolutely amazing! I am one of Laura’s bestest friends and these pictures really do capture how her and Craig are together and how beautiful a person she is. The song just tops it off for sure, sitting at my computer in New Zealand trying not to cry after listening to that songs and going through the pictures. Thank you for taking such awesome pictures of her special day!

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