( how it’s done )

Not having kids myself, I always wonder how it’s done. I mean, I know the whole “when two people love each other very much…” spiel. I’ve even heard (and witnessed) the “when two people have a few too many drinks and get a little overzealous…” version. How do you do the everyday stuff, though? And how do you do it as a single parent?

This is what I’ve figured out so far. It’s never done. Not much is about you anymore. Things you thought you’d never do, you’ll do- happily. You’ll cry- happily, and not so happily sometimes. You’ll laugh more than you ever thought you would.  Your hopes and dream and wants will all change drastically. For the first time, you’ll want more for other people than for yourself. You’ll be “that person” on facebook. Your friends will change. Your family will be there, and everywhere, when you need them. Your kids will grow up way faster than you’re ready for them to. You won’t always have a smile on your face, your house won’t always be clean, and you won’t always get to shower. You’ll closely monitor what comes out of your mouth, because you’ll hear it repeated back to you sooner than anticipated. Bedtime will become the new Happy Hour. By morning, you’ll miss them. You’ll ask for help, you’ll get advice, and you’ll learn right along with them.You’ll accept that you’re not perfect, but you’ll strive to be anyway, not for you, but for your kids. When people like me ask how it’s done, you’ll smile and hug your kids and be thrilled to tell me that it never is.

Yesterday, Dane and I made the familiar drive to Falmouth to meet up with one of our best friends, Melissa, and her twin three year old boys, Colton and Cooper. We bundled them up in snowsuits, mittens, wool socks (and into their new big kid car seats-since when were they big enough for those?!) and headed to Ski Martock for their first time on the ski hill. Here are the pictures that I got, here’s a small part of how it’s done.

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