( Lucky, fortunate, and good )

I think that I am all three.

I’m lucky that I happened to be at the right place at the right time to meet the right people. Connections in my life, in my job, in the horse-world- they’ve all heavily influenced the life that I’m able to lead right now.

I read once that the harder you work at something, the more fortunate you become. I’ve worked hard. I’ve put myself out there. I’ve struck gold and I’ve struck out. I’ve been praised and criticized, patted on and stabbed in the back. I’ve put in my time, but have no qualms about still being on the clock. Those people that I was lucky enough to meet and make connections with? I’ve been fortunate enough that we have a lot in common and that we’ve stayed in touch, stayed friends.

“What we sometimes consider lucky or fortunate are by-products of being good at what we do. Am I fortunate to have a job that I don’t have to ask for time off or worry about whether I only have 3 vacation days left? Yep. Did I get it because I was lucky? Nope. I got it because I work hard at what I do and I work harder at getting better at it every day. By getting better at what I do, I create circumstances around myself for others to notice and hopefully gain from it….Reputations and relationships aren’t based on luck. CEO’s of big firms, top sales guys, athletes and entertainers rarely make their mark on luck. I would venture to bet that in almost every case of self-made successful people, hard work paid dividends multiple times that of luck. Create your own good fortune with hard work and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that someone is doing better that you because they are just lucky.”

I found this little paragraph when I was searching for the difference between lucky and fortunate. People always tell me that I’m lucky. I usually passively correct them, and answer back, “Yes, I am extremely fortunate.” People tell me that I’m lucky that I get such great clients. I used to think that, too. Now, I think that I’m just really good at getting to know my clients- getting to know their wants and needs, their tastes and styles. I’m good at spotting the clients that I know I won’t click with because I can almost read it in the tone of their email. I have really, really great friends. Am I lucky? No. I’m a good friend first- I put time and effort into staying in touch, being kind, considerate, fun, and happy. I’m not a horrible person (I hope?!) that is just strangely lucky to have really cool people in my life.

My luck and fortune and ‘good’ all kind of came together when Dolly and Elssa came into my life.

My luck started when I met Jennifer years and years ago at the Annapolis Valley Exhibition with her beautiful Whitney White- an elegant black mare who instantly stole my heart. My fortune kicked in when a sweet girl from Bermuda saw Jennifer’s pictures on the internet and contacted me about taking pictures of her horse, as the mare was here and she was there. I added a dash of good in by taking the Bermudian sledding and skiing. And letting her know how much I loved her horses. She reciprocated with some good of her own, asking me if I’d be willing (seriously??!) to look after her beautiful horses for her in their semi-retired state. And the good just keeps getting better. Lindsay, my Bermudian beauty, comes to visit as often as she can. We are the best of friends, talking at least once a day via some means of communication. I can’t even count the number of times I start a sentence with “Lindsay was telling me the other day…” or how often she crosses my mind. Her parents are like a second set to me- Mama Lu and Papa J ♥.

I work hard for the good stuff that happens in my life. Very hard. And very happily. I have two wonderful horses to love and treasure. I have a fabulous friend and a Bermudian family just a short plane ride away. I have my confidence back. I have sore legs and sweaty saddle pads, and smiles again.

May luck be with you, fortune smile upon you, and all good (things and not) come your way ♥

(Here are a few pictures from my lessons yesterday- thanks, Ashley! The horses were amazing- AMAZING!)


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Pam Levy - November 23, 2011 - 1:46 pm

Words cannot begin to express how in love I am with this post. And with you. xoxo

Anonymous - November 23, 2011 - 7:43 pm

Look at you riding like it’s no effort at all!:) Lookin Good!

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