Putting myself into words when my job is to put other people and things into pictures is proving to be just as difficult as I anticipated it being.

If I was meeting you for the first time, you’d appreciate my handshake. My hair would be straight and more than likely down, and if yours was curly, you’d be jealous when I told you that all I do is blow-dry mine upside down. If it was below +10 outside, I’d be wearing a toque. For sure. I’d probably have flats, sandals, or boots on, as I have two different sized feet and buying shoes is worse than pulling teeth.

I have dog named Carrie who is old now. She is wonderful and I keep waiting for the day that she’ll just respond to one of my questions in English. I think she’d have a Southern accent. People ask me what kind of dog she is and I smile and say “a medium black one.”

I have a horse named Munroe. He is a 7 year old bay quarter horse gelding who loves to do tricks and eat treats. Everyday he inspires me to become a better horsewoman and re-examine that which I know to be true. Also, he has a snip and I’ve yet to meet a bad horse with a snip.

I assure you that my job isn’t so much taking pictures as it is making you comfortable with the yourself, the situation, and with me so that I might press the shutter and catch that confidence the second it shines through. You’ll realize pretty quickly that there’s no reason to rush or stress, because I won’t be.

I’m pretty sure about all of this stuff. I love my job. And my job is to make sure that you love your pictures. Easy, right?

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