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( Katherine and Avery )

I always struggle with whose name to put first. Do I say Katherine and Avery? Avery and Katherine? Do I do it alphabetically? Or by who I met first or who I know better? I think from now on with weddings, I’m going to go with a “ladies first” approach and just put the bride’s name first. There. Decided.

I was recruited to do Katherine and Avery’s wedding by coincidence, actually. Their good friend Neil, who happens to be married to my good friend Sara, was supposed to be shooting their wedding. But, Neil got called away to the middle of the ocean near China or something equally as un-awesome, and Sara got in touch with me. Sara was standing as a bridesmaid, so couldn’t do the pictures herself. I had shot Neil and Sara’s wedding last fall (in the middle of nowhere, on a lake, on one of the most beautiful days of the fall), so they asked me, on a whim, if I’d be interested in shooting this wedding… in a week. Why not! I got in touch with Katherine, the day before the wedding, and we went from there.

Katherine is a horse girl, and as such, I knew a lot of the people at the wedding. I certainly didn’t recognize them out of barn clothes, and was amazed that some of the girls even owned dresses and wore make-up! Everything was relaxed. No one was rushed. We seemed to have an abundance of time, actually- which entirely threw me off my game- weddings are go, go, go, all the time, and this one was more like go, meh, wait a bit, ok go again for a bit. Relaxed. Awesome.

The bridesmaids were fantastic. The groomsmen were hilarious (guess which ones were the bad ones…)

Katherine turned heads, especially Avery’s. Great first wedding of 2010.

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Jill - April 22, 2010 - 9:19 pm

Danique these pictures are gorgeous. You are a master with that camera and always an inspiration.

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