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It seems fitting to make my very first post on this blog about the person who’s made it all possible. So, let me tell you about Jill Renton.

Some words that describe Jill: Happy. Confident. Gracious. Aware. Talented. Talented. Talented. Personable. Funny. Silly. Thoughtful. Fun. Beautiful. Meticulous. Honest. Precise. Artistic. Encouraging. Pretty. Daring. Assertive. Fabulous. These are just a few of the words that I’ve found myself using when I describe my close friend,  trusty web designer, and fantastic colleague to anyone who will listen. Jill somehow finds the time to do web design, photography, work a full time job, ride her horses, and cultivate very close friendships with those around her. She’s always there when you need someone to pitch an idea to, and you can bet that you will get nothing but her honest opinion back. Jill is one of the most creative, thoughtful, dynamic, and friendly people you will ever meet. She not only looks at what you want, but looks in you for what you want, and somehow, comes out with exactly what was in your head. She’s good. Trust me.

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