( bits and pieces )

I love saying that- bits and pieces. I think it’s because it reminds me of ‘bits and bites,’ you know those snacks that you got in a bag in junior high that you’d scarf down at recess? They were sixty-five cents when I was in grade 8 (back when I was a kid…). I hated them, actually. But to smell them now reminds me of being a kid and walking the halls of the high school between classes. Completely off topic. Plus, ‘bits and pieces’ rolls off your tongue. I’m planning on putting little bits and little pieces of my life into my blog. If you’re a faithful reader, you’ll connect everything together and when you meet me in person (if you haven’t already) you’ll know way more about me than I know about you…and it’ll be a little awkward, but a lot flattering for me.

The piece I’m going to let you in on today is Carrie. Carrie is my dog. My very faithful when I have food and let her on the bed, little (actually medium) black (mostly), white, and tan dog. She is part australian cattle dog, and part rat terrier, apparently. Who knows. She was found in the woods in Missouri with eight puppies and was taken to a rescue centre where they rehabilitated her. I read a story about her on the internet and called about her right away. She was home within a month. I thought she was the biggest mistake I’d ever made. She bit people, and growled. She chased kids. She was shy and scared easily over silly things. Have I ever changed my mind since then. Getting Carrie is the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is the perfect dog. I take her everywhere with me. She is very polite and wins people over right away (except for Bobby Sill, she still despises him, for some strange reason). She doesn’t run away. She listens very well. And I swear she’ll just start talking on of these days. She’s getting older now- she’s eight, and is an easy keeper, let’s say. The white on her face is mysteriously migrating towards her eyes and around her whiskers- I call it natural highlighting. Her eyes are getting a little cloudy, and she has trouble jumping up on the bed as stealthily as she once did. I’m coming to appreciate her more, as it’s becoming apparent that she’s not going to be around forever (first time I’ve ever publicly acknowledged that my dog isn’t going to grow old with me). But for now, she’s just as perfect as she’s ever been. And just as perfect as she always will be.

Here are some pictures of us at Victoria Park today. My friend Mary Atkinson took them for us.

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Mom - April 24, 2010 - 5:18 pm

miss you both beautiful girls!
love you

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