( con- GRAD -ulations…ha…hahaha… )

Just a little play on an extremely annoying typo that people make  ALL THE TIME. I cringe when I see “Congrads!” or “Congradulations!” especially on peoples’ facebook profiles or other very public places. I wonder if I should email them and make them aware of this huge faux pas. Or, if I should quietly rejoice in the fact that my English teacher took the ruler to my fingers (not really!), docked me 3% and wrote “Don’t you have a dictionary?” in the margins of my paper when I wrote that horrible word in an essay, way back in tenth grade. I can’t imagine how people who write for a living must feel about little things like that. Maybe I’m just neurotic and slightly OCD about that sort of thing.

Er, back to the point of this post! Congratulations on graduating, Miss Christina Slaunwhite! Christina graduated from Acadia University (almost as good as St. FX University, just a little plug here) in the beautiful Annapolis Valley (at least it has that going for it) with a degree in Psychology. Fantastic. So much work, so much time, so much growing up. I first photographed Christina 5 years ago: my very first year doing photography, one of my very first shoots, actually. Christina and her horse, Kaliki (who is awesome, trust me) smiled pretty for me and I got some fantastic shots- I still love those pictures today. We became friends and being a part of her graduation was actually a little sentimental. It’s neat to see what a person becomes. Again, saying this stuff makes me feel OLD, but it’s the truth.

We got some great family shots (including Hibiki, a beautiful exchange student from…Japan? I think? Lovely Larry, the ever fantastic mama Julie, Jonathan- the boyfriend of forever, and Tyson and Camen- best dogs ever!) as well as some great individual pictures. The lighting was incredible, and everything worked out just swell. Here are few of my favorite captures:

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Kirsten Hanley - May 23, 2010 - 7:29 am

Congratulations Christina. Lovely photos.

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