( hoodlums, I tell ya- HOODLUMS )

A few weekends ago I decided to ‘branch out’ and try my hand at stuff that I *know* I’m not really great at. I think I suck at action shots. I like putting people places, telling them what to do, or what not to do, interacting with them, shifting just a little this way or that way. I might have a control problem. Possibly why I’m a self proclaimed portraitist. So, challenge number one was the action part of the day. Challenge number two was the subject matter. Boys. Boys HATE posing. They also hate being told what to do. They don’t really talk a whole lot and when you don’t have one of their girlfriends around, pleading for them to behave and just do what the nice photographer asks them to do, they can be a bit of a handful. Or- they will ignore you. I consider myself to be quite, ahem, assertive (when it’s my shoot!), but when I’m the one who is tagging along, I get a new appreciation for the people I’m shooting, and what they’re doing. I have to sit back and figure out the timing, the good shots, deal with personalities that don’t give a rat’s bottom of a care if I’m there or not. I learn a lot about my abilities and about people on days like this.

For all of you people who actually have a clue about skating: I know these pictures are far from ideal. But I think they’re neat and moody. I have a re-found respect for these fellas. They kiss the pavement more than you can imagine. They have brilliant rolls, and avoid sliding at all costs. They have incredible scars on their elbows. Like really big ones. Somehow they’re able to trick gravity into keeping their boards stuck to their feet. I’ve come to understand that doing this requires a state of mind and a state of being that most people could never grasp. Being good at it requires a mixture of meditation, yoga, aerobics, and gymnastics. You should see the legs on these boys.

It was a great day- slightly overcast, pretty bright, perfect weather for tanning (which I considered before we left, and planned accordingly for). They boys were about as excited as boys get on an early Saturday morning after a late Friday night out. We went to New Glasgow. This is what I came home with. And a sweet tan.

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