( opposites. and some attraction )

The Secret.

I’ve talked about it a lot, and I’ve lived it even more. Like attracts like. Think good things and good things will happen. Do good things and more good things will materialize. Without knowing it, this applies itself to almost every facet of our lives- from what we eat to how we think, from how we dress to who we’re friends with. My friends, though all different in wonderful ways, are all a bit the same. That’s probably why we’re friends- because we seek out the similarities in each other that we can relate to, and our friendships grow from there.

Rarely is it that we seek out those who are complete opposites to ourselves. Sometimes though, those opposites come into our lives. And when they do we’re given the chance to embrace something completely different from what we know, what we have known, and what we were expecting to know. We’re given the chance to learn and become more tolerant, to love and become more understanding. Those opposites enforce the notion that our first impressions are not always correct and that what we know is not always the right, easiest, or best way to do things. They give us the chance to become better thinkers, better people, and better friends to those who are not so opposite. More importantly (and in my case) they make you take a good look at and into yourself- and if you’re lucky you get to come out a better person. And if you’re REALLY lucky, you come out that better person along with a really different, hip, nothing-like-you’ve-ever-had-before friend.

So maybe The Secret hasn’t got it all figured out. Maybe a bit of opposite in your life isn’t such a bad thing. And even if like attracts like, sometimes being mashed together with ‘totally unlike’ isn’t so bad after all.

Jenna is Dane’s best friend, and Dane is Jenna’s best friend. It’s been that way for awhile. I got to know her a few years ago. First through stories Dane would tell me, and then over meals and drinks. And I’m still getting to know her. She’s my really different, hip friend. We couldn’t be more opposites: where I’m outgoing, she is reserved. I have short hair and her’s is long. She is athletic and artistic and I am…not. She listens and pauses, I talk and continue on.

I used to think that we were total opposites with only Dane in common. Not now though. Now we’ve got her wedding in common. We’re both planning on being there (her as the bride, me as the photographer)- it’ll be in the Dominican, so you can bet I’m not going to miss that:)In great anticipation for what’s coming, we took a day and shot some engagement pictures. Jenna’s fiancé, James was perfect. He smiled when he was supposed to and kissed her whenever he wanted to. Jenna was flawless- she was herself in every shot and she was in love. In typical fashion, our location choices were complete opposites, but what a dynamic, interesting, and FUN shoot we had!

Congrats Jenna and James, here’s to you guys ♥.


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Nicole - June 22, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Great pics! Sloan was on CBC last night and one of the singers was wearing a PRO t-shirt. Had just looked at these pics in the afternoon and noticed it right away on TV.

Caila Henderson - July 25, 2011 - 6:34 pm

god you’re good. oxo

Denise MacKenzie - August 5, 2011 - 2:16 am

They are amazing!!!!!

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