( free falling )

I asked her about the words permanently etched into the thin skin stretched over her foot, wincing at the thought of how much that must have hurt. “Free falling?” she asked, her gorgeous green eyes smiling at the opportunity to tell this story again. “They’re the earliest words I can remember.” My curiosity was piqued. She turned around on the floor, her hand still on Carrie’s head and flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder. She smiled again, this time at her own memories, and told me about her father holding her in his arms, dancing with her to Tom Petty’s ‘Free Falling,’ maybe in the living room, maybe in the kitchen, she couldn’t quite remember. “But those words, that sound, that song, they take me back to that place every time,” she told me, “they’re a part of me.”

Sara loves incense, dogs, and music. She makes incredible salads, and is the best sushi date there is. She sees things through her camera that most people wouldn’t cast a glance at. Here’s how I saw her on a cloudy May day.

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