( Chris and Miranda’s engagement session )

I love Chris and Miranda.

Love them.

Could be because Miranda’s got some Valley blood in her veins (which automatically makes her awesome). Could also be because Chris’s sense of humour makes me want to keep listening to his stories despite the fact that we’re usually supposed to be talking ‘business.’ Or, it could be because they compliment each other like peas and carrots.

I see lots of people in love. It’s my job to look at, watch, and study people in love. There are some people who don’t just love each other. They’re not just madly infatuated with that other person that they’ve chosen to spend the rest of their life with. Instead, you can see that they love themselves more when they’re with that person. They become more confident, more assured, more at ease. They smile more, they sigh more. Their guard drops quicker. I become their friend faster. Everything in the world is good because their love, their confidence, their trust, their happiness- it all reflects and bounces off of them, onto the other person, then right back at them again. Like a giant hall of mirrors. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you always try to catch a glimpse of that ‘last’ reflection, the one that’s furthest away. But you know that you’ll never lay eyes on the end of that reflection- even when you can’t see it, it’s still going, still bouncing around, still reflecting.

These guys bounce love around like crazy. It wears off on anyone who’s around them. Wait til you see their wedding pictures- trust me.


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