(hi, greg)


Everyone say, “Hi, Greg.”

(Greg’s my first interesting person in a series of interesting people I plan on posting about. I know so many wonderful, funny, gorgeous people and they all feel like well kept secrets that are selfishly mine to enjoy from this side of my computer screen and from time to time in real life. But no longer!

These are some of the people who mould my work, and my words, my thoughts, and my goals. They are the keepers of: my heart, my love, my secrets, my mistakes, my ideas, my silliness, my made-up words, my stories, my poor grammar,  my sadnesses, my imperfections, my memories, my cat pictures, my neuroses, my experimental recipes, my life. They are the guardians of my soul- whether they know it or not, whether they’ve accept the responsibility or even know their place in my grand design- these are them.)


Greg’s birthday is July 17th. I didn’t know that until tonight. He has brown eyes, we think.  I don’t think we know when we met, but that doesn’t matter.
He is taller than me, in love with sounds and wit, and plays the ukelele.
He irons his clothes-regularly (!!) A purveyor of things pretty.
Connoisseur of: football (the proper kind), beers, the law, bands few people have heard of, and cardigans. Wears glasses. Bearded- mostly.
Disbeliever in horoscopes but the ones that tell me about him are almost too true: “endearingly eccentric.”
Mood-reader and joke-getter and pun-maker. Socially adept and gorgeous. This one’s lovely.

“Let me take your picture, ” I said, “it will be fun,” I said. And he did. And it was.
Thanks, Greg.




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Jennie Mae - April 8, 2013 - 5:38 pm

Impressed! Beautiful, but then again, you manage to find the beautiful in everyone. One reason I am over-the-moon to be learning from you!

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